Suite "The Corregidora" Sleeps 4 people Details: 2 bedrooms with King size beds Sofa 2 bathrooms Dining area and fully equipped kitchen TV w / cable and DVD Wi-Fi Rate: $ 2,000 per night
Legend of "La Corregidora" Wife of the Corregidor of Querétaro, Dona Josefa passed information to Father Hidalgo that their conspiracy against the Spanish government in 1810 had been discovered. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez was born in Valladolid (Morelia) in 1768 and died in Mexico City in 1829, at age 61. She studied in Colegio Las Vizcainas in Mexico city, then she was married with Miguel Dominguez , named as Corregidor of Queretaro city. Josefa Ortiz was a very important woman of Mexico Independence in 1810; she participated and advised to Miguel Hidalgo that all conspirators were discovered. She was sent to Santa Clara convent to keep in jail and keep her out of independence war.
Mesón de San Andrés
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