Room "The Carambada" Sleeps 2 people Details: Double Bed Minibar Microwave TV w / cable and DVD Wi-Fi Rate: $ 1,300 per night
Legend of "The Carambada" Leonarda Martinez was originally from a village of Indians called "La Punta" and whose neighbors, by the way, have always had a reputation of being disciples of Caco (thieves). The Carambada stay orphan at an early age, and she stayed by his sisters. Early was entrusted to debauchery and vices and therefore it was not uncommon to see it in their nightly excursions in the company of thieves, sticking horses or oxen from neighboring ranches. There was celebration and fair that he is not meet his canteen and dance or a house of prostitution or gambling and always surrounded by friends. From a young age I was surrounded by bandits and kidnappers, and often she captained. One day, Vicente Otero went out with the intention of keeping to Leonarda which found the way to Celaya Chapel, Otero fired at her and colleagues, just pick two thieves. Leonarda was too stunned and immediately there will be applied the same leakage law, hours after a donkey was brought to the hospital. Where he had time to confess to God before expiring.
Mesón de San Andrés
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